Article Parsha 2016-08-02

Echoes of Eden Parashat Mas’ei 5776 The Holy Lands of Israel

"This week’s essay is in in loving memory of my uncle Jack Ribnick (Yaakov Eliezer Ben Nechemia Mayer) Z”L"

The area promised to Avraham is much, much larger than most of us imagine. In fact, even the most “extreme” ... do not dare dream of the borders promised to Avraham God spoke to Moshe, telling him to give the Israelites instructions and say to them: ‘You are coming to the land known as Canaan; this is the land that you will inherit, the Land of Canaan and its borders.’ (Bamidbar 34:1-2)
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Article Parsha 2016-07-28

Echos of Eden Parashat Matot 5776 Word

Either we may view these laws as an interruption of the narrative, randomly inserted at this juncture and therefore unrelated to the issue at hand, or we may attempt to analyze these laws in order to determine if, in fact, they are logically, intrinsically connected with the narrative...

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