Article Parsha 2015-12-08

Echoes of Eden Parashat Miketz 5776 Crime and Punishment

The new chapter in the lives of Yaakov’s sons had started innocently enough: A famine in Canaan gave rise to a trip to Egypt to procure food. On the one hand, the brothers told themselves that they were doing what their father had asked them, and surely, in the merit of their filial devotion they would be protected and no evil would befall them. On the other hand, just below the surface of their conscious thoughts, they knew - even if their father had no inkling – that they were not the loyal and obedient sons Yaakov thought they were. They had conspired to kill their brother and in the end had “only” sold him. If they were relying on their track records as good sons to see them through, they had good reason to worry.

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